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Thank You, Donors!


We couldn't do this work without you.  So often, donors are our behind-the-scenes heroes. You all keep our resources stocked and our finances stable.  You deserve some recognition for helping us realize our mission.  We thank you deeply for your donations and your continued generosity.  We are grateful for whatever you give and truly appreciate you.


Assisi House now has its own website!

Clicking on the button below will redirect you to Assisi House's donation page.  From there, you may donate online using PayPal or by other means listed on the site.


Remember that Assisi House is a 501(c)3; therefore, donations to Assisi House are tax-deductible.


Clicking on the button below will redirect you to Winter Outreach's "Immediate Needs" page.  Here, you'll see a list of items we need ASAP to do our volunteer work.  If there are no items currently listed and you wish to donate financially, there are instructions on how to do so.

Remember that Winter Outreach is NOT a 501(c)3; therefore, donations to Winter Outreach are unable to be deducted from taxes.

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