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- Our Mission -


St. Louis Winter Outreach is an all-volunteer collective of individuals who do whatever they can to prevent persons experiencing homelessness from dying on the streets of St. Louis during the frigid winter season.

- How We Do It -

  • We dedicate ourselves to providing blankets, shelter, and transportation to shelters during severe winter weather conditions in order to help those experiencing homelessness on the streets of St. Louis survive the night.

  • We commit ourselves to serving individuals experiencing homelessness by drawing on our own communities to provide resources, support, and accompaniment to those we meet.}

  • We partner with individuals and communities to promote changes to public policy which advocate for social, economic, and reconciliatory justice on behalf of and in conversation with those experiencing homelessness.

The Story of Winter Outreach

- Our Values -

The following statements outline the overall philosophy of St. Louis Winter Outreach and Assisi House. They guide how decisions are made, what actions are taken, and how we approach our work.

  • The concept of personalism -- We value each person, those in the position of receiving hospitality and those in the position of offering it. We strive to see everyone’s unique contribution and respect each person’s strengths and struggles.

  • We value inclusion in our meetings and in our shelters.

  • We oppose racism, homophobia, ableism and all other oppressions, both in society and in our group.

  • We will have financial transparency and accountability.

  • We will strive to make decisions by consensus in a way that allows for all voices to be heard.

  • We will strive to have an open structure that can be understood, accessed, and is effective for carrying out our work.

  • We will strive to follow through on the tasks we take on and to be clear in our commitments.

  • We will strive to create opportunities for people to have the housing they deserve.

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